OpeRadio: the Opera's own radio station

The Hungarian State Opera starts its own radio station. A thematic station that solely broadcasts opera and ballet music has so far been missing from the Hungarian selection.

The online OpeRadio can be accessed from any browser: http://opera.hu/radio/. It is also available as a download application for Android and iOS, thus the webradio of the Opera offers a non-stop operatic experience for everyone – at home, on the road, or abroad.


The OpeRadio broadcasts excerpts from CDs and own sound recordings. The programme features popular hits of the world of opera as well as lesser-known masterpieces. In March, thematic programmes and occasionally, complete opera performances. In the long run, live broadcasts from the Opera House and the Erkel Theatre are also planned. Another plan includes the digitalization of older recordings made by the Hungarian Radio, and the broadcast of recordings made by Hungaroton and other recording companies.

Editor-in-chief: Dávid Zsoldos.