Prodigal Sons – Debussy and Britten

The Hungarian State Opera Orchestra in concert


The familiar Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son inspired both of the musical rebels Claude Debussy and Benjamin Britten, with each of them writing a piece depicting the key issues of his own life with delicately lyrical vocal parts and employing an instrumental chamber ensemble. In his youthful cantata L'enfant prodigue, Debussy – like his protagonist – follows his own path while squandering his (musical) inheritance. Britten was already advanced in years when he took up Biblical themes, with which he symbolically addressed the painful questions of his existence. This is the intent behind both Cantata misericordium, which relates in song the parable of the Good Samaritan, and the elegy from The Prodigal Son.


Prokofjev: The Prodigal Son  excerpts


Britten: Cantata Misericordium
Debussy: L’enfant prodigue (The Prodigal Son)

Featuring » Klára Kolonits, István Horváth, Zsolt Haja (vocals)

Conductor » Michel Tabachnik (CH)