Giuseppe Verdi


Concert-version opera performance in two parts, three acts, in Italian, with Hungarian and English surtitles


Of Giuseppe Verdi’s two dozen operas we consider to be basic, few people are familiar with Stiffelio, which then continued life as Aroldo after being placed in a different context – or rather, it was forgotten all the more. And this despite the fact that Stiffelio is a masterpiece, with excellent tableaus and strong scenes. Its demanding main roles paint a picture of the conflicts between difficult and nuanced personalities: a protestant minister has to make a decision after discovering his wife’s infidelity... Stiffelio is the opera of Christian forgiveness, even though the forgiveness arrives late: the other man in the love triangle is doomed by the very emotion that the minister is trying to overcome. In recent years, Stiffelio has been performed twice by the opera’s performers: the present production is aimed at the lovers of the piece and the composer, and all festival-goers interested in the operatic resolution of moral issues.

General cast

Leonardo Sini
Stiffelio, a Protestant minister
Boldizsár László
Stankar, Lina's father, an elderly colonel
Anatoly Fokanov
Lina, his wife
Anikó Bakonyi
Raffaele, a nobleman from Leuthold
Donát Varga
Jorg, an elderly minister
Krisztián Cser
Federico di Frengel
Jenő Dékán
Dorotea, Lina's cousin
Zsófia Kálnay
Budapest Studio Chorus / Honvéd Male Choir


Francesco Maria Piave
András Aczél
Choir Master
Gábor Csiki