Pik-Wah Li / Fang Ming / Xing Shimiao

Opera Warriors

Dance play and opera by the Chinese National Opera
Opera Warriors, featured by the world famous Chinese National Opera, is first seen in Hungary. The performance of the Bejing Opera is impressive, the actors’ play engages audience with ease and enchants them immediately.
Opera Warriors tells a story about three opera warriors with talents and fantastic acting skills in traditional Chinese opera—Beijing Opera, their life and death, their love and hatred, and their struggling and striving for the outstanding beauty on the stage.
The story, happening in the northern part of Republic of China, in the early of the 20th century, is about three young fellow apprentices of the same master, who play martial roles among the operatic players of male characters in a theatrical troupe. After the professional training, they play different martial roles in Beijing Opera in the same theatrical troupe. And then their fate and destiny get to diverge: one gets shot by accident in order to protect his junior fellow apprentice, and one suffers from disaster because of his lover, which leads to the separation of three brothers. The youngest one, after having suffered many hardships and coming to the dead end, finds the right way out of difficulties and to the success with great determination and persistence.
The story goes to tell that life is just like a drama, full of ups and downs, and the world is so changeable that a loss may turn out to be a gain. With love and friendships, determination and persistence, success is in the near future.
In the play we get to know the traditional Chinese opera, which has a long and wonderful past.
The work is organised by Sino – European Foundation for Culture and Education in China.
We reserve the right to make changes to the program.


Heidou: Hou Yulong
Duanda: Ren Zhongjie
Changkao: Zhang Qian
Yan-er: Jia Zhen
The Third Concubine: Du Yuejiao


Producer: Li Li
Artistic Director: Wang Jinghua
Composer: Fang Ming
Project leader: Shan Honglong
Playwright: Pik-Wah Li (Lilian Lee)
Choreographer: Xing Shimiao
Costume Designer: Wang Qiuping
Set Designer: Gao Guangijan
Tour Manager: Liu Wen
Executive Directors: Zhou Liya, Han Zher


2019. September 25., Wed, 19:00
2019. September 26., Thu, 19:00