Four Seasons – In Winter

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Antonio Vivaldi’s eternally popular Four Seasons condenses the literary themes of a cycle of four different violin concertos. In it, listeners get to indulge themselves as they hear the plaintive howling of hounds, the simulated sound of hunters blowing their horns, the shrieking of children as they skate on the ice, and the stillness of the summer heat.
Astor Piazzola partially adapted this programme to give a portrait of life in Buenos Aires while also associating the music in such a way as to “wink” at Vivaldi. As winter begins, it is therefore worth recalling the key natural experiences and great screams of the past year.


Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Piazzolla: The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires

Featuring on violin: Ernő Kállai, Anikó Ecseki, Magdolna Závodszky, Imola Rajka, Áron Dóczi

Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra.

Benefit concert for those in need – this performance is taking place as one of the Hungarian State Opera's philanthropic initiatives. 

Admission is free of charge, with all visitors welcome to attend.


Alexandre Anatolii Dimcevski


2019. December 02., Mon, 16:00
2019. December 03., Tue, 18:00