We once almost hosted the famous German baritone when we asked him to jump in as a substitute in a production of Arabella (which it later turned out we didn’t need). He recently made headlines by singing Wolfram’s Song to the Evening Star while in an MRI machine so science could gain a better understanding of the movements of the larynx, various cartilage and bone structures, and the tongue, including the role they play in the formation of sounds.
And when we heard him sing Bach Cantatas in Müpa Budapest on 1 March 2019, we knew we had to have him sing the final performance in our Christian Festival. Despite of his immense operatic repertoire and his past, Michael Volle was able to use his singing to pray on the stage of a quite profane concert hall. That is the devotion we hope for when he, accompanied by his young mezzo-soprano wife Gabriela Scherer, arrives to sing at the Eiffel Art Studios on Pentecost in 2020. This will be a true occasion for the extremely intelligent and skilful baritone to sing their favourite aria in the company of some Hungarian artists. Herr Volle is even inclined to act as the master of ceremonies for the programme he compiled. This will surely provide a very unique experience to the 400 fans that purchase tickets to the gala event.

Soloists: Michael Volle (D) (baritone), Gabriela Scherer (CH) (mezzo-soprano), Gabriella Létay Kiss (soprano), Tibor Szappanos (tenor), Csaba Szegedi (baritone)

Featuring the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra, Chorus, and Children’s Chorus.

Director: András Almási-Tóth