János Feketeházy178

Open Day at Eiffel Art Studios


We could call him the humblest of Hungarian engineers, but we must be careful not to confuse his humility with his skills! János Feketeházy brought his knowledge home, moreover at a very young age: for decades, he used his skills to serve the Hungarian National Railway. He wasn’t Eiffel’s student; it was the other way around. the famous Gustave Eiffel bought Feketeházy’s plans for a road bridge in Szeged, which he used to win the city’s tender. But he also designed a large number of buildings, bridges, and even the riveted steel structure above the Opera’s stage, which was being built at the time. The signs given to us by the Hungarian Museum of Transport paint a picture of a special man reliant on the love of his country and on his knowledge who always remained faithful to his home in Upper Hungary.

  • Inauguration and wreath laying ceremony at Feketeházy’s plaque
  • Guided hourly tours starting from the Visitor Centre
  • Railway Model

Further info: nyiltnap@opera.hu