Choral Days 2020



Ferenc Erkel, the Opera’s first and eternal principal music director, served for ten years as the national choirmaster of the national association of the budding and later – owing to the opportunities for unification that came with the developments of 1867 – blossoming Hungarian choral movement. At the time, this primarily meant four-part, all-male ensembles. He even composed for them and participated in their national meetings. Something similar will also be happening at the theatre that bears his name, now for the fifth time: in 2020, we are again organising a meeting of amateur choruses, for which each must prepare a single choral piece. The choruses will truly have the Erkel Theatre to themselves for the jamboree: they’ll be able to listen to each other, form connections, and simply enjoy themselves as singers who like combining their family and community life with their love of music. Each time, the Opera presents them with a gift performance: at this special Sunday afternoon performance, in keeping with tradition, the Hungarian State Opera Chorus will take the stage to sing excerpts from Handel’s Messiah, with the entire auditorium joining in.

Curator » Choir Director Gábor Csiki

Host of the event » Director András Aczél and Choir Director Gábor Csiki