International Music Day

Initiated by Yehudi Menuhin, International Music Day has been celebrated since 1975. To honour this red-letter occasion, the Opera’s Big B®and, which was established five years ago, will entertain passersby with interpretations of popular operatic arias played exclusively by our brass players, seeing as several Hungarian composers have arranged the works specifically for them. An unusual feature of the Opera’s brass ensemble is that French horns take the place of the saxophones which are found in traditional big-band lineups, but are not used at the Opera.
Due to the modernisation of the Opera House, instead of the Sphynx Terrace, the programme will take place on the beautiful square in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica, also designed by Miklós Ybl.

The leader of the Opera Big B®and is trumpeter Tibor Király.


2019. October 01., Tue, 16:00