Erzsébet Szőnyi

A makrancos királylány / A didergő király

The Hungarian State Opera Children’s Choir and Soloists at the Vigadó


The Opera Children’s Choir recorded two of Erzsébet Szőnyi’s excellent story-operas in June 2017, at the thematic festival of Hungarian Season. The album became not only part of the MagyarOpera200 collection, but was also used by the Hungarian State Opera to welcome all new-borns in 2018 (Útravaló 2018). The two works are now returning as live performances: the Children’s Choir and a team of soloists from the Chorus will perform these operas in the Vigadó’s beautiful main hall at the 250th Pastorale concert given by the Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra (and the day after).

Erzsébet Szőnyi: A makrancos királylány
                               A didergő király

Featuring the Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra (Saint Stephen the King Symphonic Orchestra) and the Hungarian State Opera Children’s Choir and Soloists. 

Chorus Master: Nikolett Hajzer

Conductor: Gábor Horváth

Editor-Presenter: Emőke Solymosi-Tari, music historian

The concerts are organised jointly be the Zugló Philharmonic Orchestra and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

Further information on Vigadó's website.