Hans van Manen / Astor Piazzolla

5 Tangos

Ballet in one act


Five Tangos is one of Hans van Manen’s best known and, deservedly, most popular works: superb music and dance combine to evoke a pulsing metropolis and a world of fiery and passionate instincts. Sometimes sultrily lethargic and other times set to accelerating tempos featuring virtuoso elements, this thrilling work plays with solo and group scenes to reveal the changing games of the individual and the community, the many faces and layers of love and attraction and a portrait of an era.

General cast

Solo couple female
Elizaveta Cheprasova / Minjung Kim
Solo couple male
Gergő Ármin Balázsi / Gergely Leblanc
Solo couple female
Ellina Pokhodnykh / Inés Furuhashi-Huber / Lea Földi / Kristina Starostina
Male pas de quatre
Miklós Dávid Kerényi / Boris Myasnikov / Dmitry Diachkov / Gaetano Cottonaro


Hans van Manen
Astor Piazzolla
Lighting designer
Jan Hofstra
Set and costume designer
Jean-Paul Vroom
Rachel Beaujean
Company répétiteurs
Edit Rujsz

Oct. 20, 2017